Is a Smile Makeover right for you?

Our dentists in Tampa serving Carrollwood and Westchase, provide Smile Makeovers using all porcelain crowns and Veneers to achieve the unique smile each patient deserves.

“To us, dentistry is not just our occupation, it’s our passion. There’s nothing more rewarding after providing a service like a Smile Makeover and seeing a patient leave our office pain free, with a healthy, beautiful smile. They not only have a new sense of confidence but a new outlook on life, and we have the privilege of witnessing that transformation every day.” – Dr. Randall Diez, Dr. Michael Diez

Is a Smile Makeover right for you?

When patients come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Randall Diez or Dr. Michael Diez it is usually because they are unhappy with the shape, color or alignment of their teeth. Often the patients tell our dentists that they have been avoiding smiling for years because they are embarrassed. To hear this has always been what motivates our dentists to provide the best, most innovative technology, and advanced dental procedures to each patient.

Many patients do not realize how very easy it is to correct issues like shape, color and alignment with simple procedures such as Veneers, Porcelain Crowns (Similar to a Veneer but covering more tooth structure), Invisalign or sometimes a combination of these procedures.

Our dentists understand the importance of a beautiful smile especially in a working environment or as a professional. They know the first thing people see is the way you smile and nearly every patient they have provided a smile makeover for has later told them how it has given them confidence in their daily lives, at work and with their relationships. Mostly, our patients tell us they wish they had done it sooner, because being able to smile is truly one of the greatest gifts.

If you have been avoiding smiling, are unhappy with the shape, color or alignment of your teeth then do call to make a consultation with one of our dentists. They are kind and compassionate and will sit with you and develop a plan so you have a smile you will want to share and the confidence to share it.

Treatment Planning for Smile Makeovers:

By combining the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, a smile makeover can completely transform a smile into one that is both cosmetically attractive as well as functional.

Our professional team will develop the most suitable treatment plan options to achieve your cosmetic goals and to meet your expectations of care. Using the most advanced technology we will create a new smile for you that is beautiful, healthy and will serve you well for many years to come. Each patient seen by Dr. Michael Diez or Dr. Randall Diez will have one or more consultations to develop the best treatment options to get the desired results.

Typical Procedures Used in a Smile Makeover:

Veneers or Porcelain Crowns are typically what is needed to create a beautiful smile. With both procedures our dentists can correct the size, shape and color to give each patient a smile that is uniquely theirs.

Invisalign: When a patient’s teeth are misaligned to a point that cannot be corrected with a veneer or crown then our dentists may suggest doing Invisalign therapy first. If crowded teeth are all that concerned the patient, then after Invisalign nothing more may need to be done. On the other hand, if the size, shape and color of the teeth also need to be corrected then after Invisalign the dentists will do the final phase of a smile makeover. This could include veneers or crowns to get the desired smile.

During the treatment plan process all needed treatment will be discussed and a timeline created to acquire the ultimate outcome – a beautiful smile.

Wall of Smiles:

The patients on our Wall of Smiles seen in the picture have had Smile Makeovers using 6 to 10 Veneers or Porcelain Crowns on their upper teeth. You can see our some of our Before and After’s here as well.

Our dentists in Tampa, Dr. Randall Diez and Michael Diez having been changing the way the world see their patient’s smile. With beautiful veneers, crowns and implants that Hollywood smile can be just 3 weeks away. Call today for a complimentary consultation to see how we can give you the beautiful smile you deserve.