On Affordable Implants

At General and Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa, we use Dental Implants to create natural, permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants are made of titanium, which has the unique ability to fuse to living bone and function as part of it allowing the dentist to recreate a missing tooth.

The actual dental implant is a small attachment that fits inside your jawbone and replaces the root-portion of a missing tooth. Once the implant is placed and has healed our dentists attach the implant crown. The implant crown looks similar to a natural tooth and returns the implant to chewing functionality.

Our dentists, Michael Diez and Randall Diez specialize in performing smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction using dental implants that promise the feel, function, and appearance of natural teeth. Both dentists in our Carrollwood, near Westchase location place dental implants and the final implant crown.

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Tampa Bay Area Dental Implants

A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. Unfortunately, not everyone can flaunt a perfect smile. If you have a decaying or missing tooth, smiling might be one of your biggest insecurities. A unhealthy tooth also entails further oral health and speech problems if left untreated.

If you want to get your happy and healthy smile back, we have the solution for you. At General & Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa, our dental Team offers top-quality and advanced dental implant procedures. Our certified team of dentists is highly experienced in the most advanced technological solutions to restore your picture-perfect smile.

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Why Should You Get a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are effective permanent solutions providing countless benefits for people suffering from decaying or missing teeth. The advantages you can get from a dental implant are as follows:

  • Improve aesthetic appearance & self-esteem: Our teeth help maintain our facial bone structure, particularly the jawbone. Dental implants fill in the gaps in the mouth, improving your appearance. A complete set of teeth also gives you a youthful appearance and the confidence to smile.
  • Improve oral health: Implants act as artificial tooth roots, replacing unhealthy teeth and keeping the adjacent teeth from shifting around.
  • Durability and convenience: As a permanent dental solution, dental implants are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance, unlike removable dentures.
  • For comfort: Dental implants feel like natural teeth, providing comfort and convenience when eating.
  • Improve speech: A missing tooth could interfere with speech production and cause lisps, but implants help prevent this from happening.

You should consider dental implants if you suffer tooth loss from decay, periodontal disease, or injury.

Dental Implants Cost

The cost of dental implants varies widely across dental providers. Generally, full-mouth dental implants are more expensive than single implants. The cost of dental implants also depends on your individual treatment required. While some patients only need a single implant to replace a missing tooth others may require multiple implants to get the desired look and functionality they are looking to achieve.  Our dentists will spend a lot of time during each treatment plan appointment to ensure each patient receives the best option to acquire the healthiest smile.

At General & Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa, we offer competitive prices for our dental implant services. We accept various dental insurance providers and will work with them to get you the most coverage out of your insurance.

We understand that dental implants can be costly and offer several in office financing with zero interest to help our patients get the care they deserve.

Dental Implants Near Me

If you’re looking for the best dental implants in Tampa, look no further. General & Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa is your go-to dental implant provider for affordable dental implants in Carrollwood, Tampa and Westchase.

With our highly qualified dentists performing skilled dental work backed with years of experience, you will be able to flaunt your new teeth in no time.

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