Root Canal Treatment in Tampa

Are you suffering from a persistent toothache and swollen gums? Do you feel tooth pain or sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages? If so, you might need to see a dentist for a possible root canal therapy.

Endodontic treatment – also called a root canal – is a procedure to remove infected tooth pulp. Technically speaking, a “root canal” is not the actual dental procedure; it’s the part of your tooth that’s infected.

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Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

When it comes to tooth pain, it’s hard to tell if you need a root canal treatment without seeing a general dentist for a proper diagnosis. A good rule of thumb is to seek professional advice once you start feeling severe tooth sensitivity, irritation, or swelling around the gums.

Here are some other symptoms that may indicate a need for root canal therapy:

  • Pain from a loose tooth or cracked tooth.

  • Discoloration of a natural tooth.

  • Development of a “pimple” or inflammation around the gum of the affected tooth.

  • Enlarged or swollen jaw near infected tooth.

What Can You Expect From Root Canal Treatment?

When you’re dealing with a root canal infection, it’s actually the root canal system or “dental pulp” that’s infected. Pulp is the collection of blood vessels and nerves found at the tooth’s center. Root canal treatment removes the infected portion from the diseased tooth to relieve pain and stop the spread of deep decay.

The treatment begins with local anesthesia to tone down the pain and numb the area around the tooth’s nerve. Next, your dentist will make minimal incisions to remove the infected pulp and clean the insides of the affected tooth.

Your dentist will then fill the gap with a biocompatible material, whether a permanent filling or a temporary filling until an implant is installed. For a severe case, your dentist will install an implant and cover it with a dental crown that matches the appearance of your remaining natural teeth.

How Long Does Root Canal Recovery Take?

In most cases, the recovery period for root canals is about a week. After the procedure, your dentist may suggest you take a few days off from work or school for proper healing. Your dentist can also prescribe pain medications to suppress any discomfort you may experience.

What Are Possible Complications After a Bad Root Canal Procedure?

You might suffer from further root canal complications if your endodontic therapy was administered incorrectly. Possible complications include infection in the jawbone, pain due to incomplete pulp removal, or a loose crown over the restored tooth.

In such cases, you may need endodontic treatment that involves re-cleaning and refilling the root canals of the affected tooth.

When looking for a dentist to treat your infected root canal, it’s critical to look for a professional accredited by the American Dental Association. This ensures that your dentist has the necessary skills and expertise to deliver a safe, successful procedure.

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We understand the intricacies of root canals and the complications of poorly done dental procedures. With our strong commitment to patient care and root canal safety, you can be sure that your dental health is in good hands.

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