The World’s First EVER FDA Clearance for True Gum Regeneration!

Dr Diez has been a LANAP Certified Doctor for over 14 years
He has performed countless surgeries to improve his patients periodontal (gum tissue) health. If you believe you may benefit from LANAP, call us today for a complimentary consultation and see how we can help you can get your gums healthy once again.

No biologics used!
No exogenous growth factors!
No bone grafts!
No artificial membranes!
No stitches!

Safe and Effective Gum Tissue Restoration.
From the simplest of procedures to the most complex, we are dedicated to your comfort. Our goal is to offer a wide array of gentle treatments that promote healthy teeth and gums in a way that feels good for you, our patient.

What is PerioLase LANAP?
PerioLase Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is the latest technology used by your dentist for safe and effective gum tissue restoration and periodontal tissue therapy. In 2004, PerioLase received FDA approval, becoming the only approved dental laser on the market.

Differing greatly from traditional periodontal surgery, PerioLase creates a sterile and stable environment where bone and tissue are able to grow back together. If you have periodontitis, you know that your gums (or connective tissue) pull away from the tooth, creating pockets. The pockets become deeper as the disease progresses, causing bone loss.

Traditional perio-therapy involves your doctor scraping out the inside of the pockets, trying to avoid bone loss since the infected bone will no longer grow back. Using PerioLase, your dentist is able to create an environment where your body can regenerate itself. Your gums will reattach to the tooth; in fact, it is proven that PerioLase is the only laser to have a 100% success rate in tissue reconstruction.

How does PerioLase work to improve the health of my smile?
Before your dentist begins your LANAP procedure, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, removing any tartar in an effort to make the tissue as healthy as possible. During your treatment, your dentist uses the PerioLase laser to find any diseased tissue in the pockets created from periodontitis. The laser kills pathogens (the bacteria causing the disease) without harming the good cells.

What is recovery from PerioLase treatment like?
Following your procedure, you will experience less swelling or bleeding, and more comfort than with traditional periodontitis surgery. Recovery time is also faster, getting you back to your daily activities sooner. LANAP provides a pleasant dental experience and better outcomes than any other conventional periodontal surgery.

How do I know if PerioLase is right for me?
If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you are most likely a candidate for PerioLase. PerioLase is also a safe alternative to conventional surgery for those who suffer from other health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, or for those who might be pregnant. PerioLase may be recommended if you have had periodontal treatment in the past and are experiencing symptoms again. Once you have had gum disease, it is common to have a relapse. Consider PerioLase as a safe alternative to traditional periodontal surgery, and ask your dentist if PerioLase LANAP is the best option for you.

Patient Testimonial
I am probably a unique patient in that I can compare the LANAP surgery to traditional scalpel peel and scrape surgery as I like to call it.

3 years ago, I had the scalpel surgery and was not informed I would need to come every 3 months for a regular cleaning to keep gingivitis at bay. Thus I find myself in need of getting the same surgery all over again. Now I have had the right side done by you with LANAP and have the left side scheduled for tomorrow.

Here is what I experienced with peel and scrape:

Post-Surgery cotton packing
Several days of spitting blood out
High level of post-surgery pain and inflammation for days afterward
Moderate level of post-surgery pain and inflammation for weeks after that
High level of sensitivity to cold and heat for months afterward

Here is what I have had so far with LANAP

No packing
No blood
Mild to Moderate pain and inflammation first few days afterward
Mild soreness the next few days
No sensitivity to cold or heat afterward

The decision wasn’t whether or not to have the procedure done again. I like having my teeth and want to keep them. The choice came down to scalpel again or LANAP. Without a doubt, I am glad I went the LANAP route. The price differential between scalpel and LANAP ( remember, I have no dental insurance so it may be better for others) comes out to a little over $1,000. That slight difference is money very well spent. I would advise anyone getting Perio surgery done not to even consider the scalpel as an option.

As for your office over others, I would recommend they see you. I went for a consult to a Dr that advertises laser in the TBT. Their entire process made me feel like I was working with a used car lot and the stereotypical sleazy sales tactics. I felt like I needed a shower after talking to them. I had even scheduled an appointment with them to have the laser surgery done. After another conversation with them went sideways I decided to look for another Doctor.

Now I have had the right side done using LANAP by General and Cosmetic Dentistry of Tampa and have the left side scheduled for tomorrow.

To learn if you are a good candidate for LANAP, please call us at (813) 960-5869 to schedule a consultation.